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Game Fishing

Game FishingGame Fishing RayHello game fishers of the world, welcome to!

In this website are included all the great Game-Fishes of the United States inhabiting the fresh water lakes and streams east of the Rocky Mountains, the marine and brackish waters of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and other great fishing places of the World.

As a matter of convenience I have grouped the fishes in families, wherever possible, but in their sequence I have been guided, chiefly, by their importance as game-fishes, and not in accordance with their natural order. The latter feature, however, has been provided for in a systematic list on a subsequent page called "Systematic Arrangement of Fishes."

In order not to burden the text with matter that might not be of general interest, the technical descriptions of the fishes of each group are given in small type at the head of each chapter.

The suggestions as to angling and the tools and tackle recommended may be confidently relied on, as they are in conformity with my own practice, and are based on my personal experience, coverĀ­ing a period of more than forty years, on many waters, from Canada to the West Indies, and from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains.

I hope you will enjoy this website, and that it will add something to the fascinating world of game fishing. Don't forget to bookmark us and visit this website in the future, as it is constantly updated. Happy fishing!

Ray Fisherman