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AnablepsA fish called anableps is quite common in Surinam in South America, which has eyes unlike those of any animal known to naturalists.

Usually the cornea, or anterior transparent front of the eye, is convex, being the small segment of a circle of nearly three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

The cornea of the anableps resemble two sides of a prismora three-sided file. tooking down upon the ridge-pole of a house the two sides of the roof present the same appearance as looking down on those anomalous eyes.

At ebb­tide they root about in soft mud for food. The upper half of the cornea gives them distinct vision in the air, and the other half under water. With the one they watch the approach of enemies from land; with the other see their prey under water.

Opticians furnish glasses for elderly people nearly on the same principle. One-half, or the glass in the upper side of the bow, is for distant vision, and the under half for reading.