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CodfishThis well-known and prolific fish is not esteemed by anglers for its gamy qualities but solely for its value as a table food. It grows to a considerable size, and is usually found in schools in great numbers and is readily captured.

It is a deep­water fish, caught mostly in the open sea, in from eight to forty fathoms of water, from the fishing­bank boats and sailing vessels. At night, during the summer months, they sometimes run in close toward the shore, when they may be caught off the long piers at Coney Island and other places.

They move in schools, periodically to and from shore, according to the seasonable change in the temperature. The codfish, as well as the tomcod, is a winter fish, and is caught at a season when so many other species that supply food are absent either in the deeper water, or have moved Southward into warmer waters. The codfish begin to bite early in October and so continue through the winter till the end of April.

They feed upon all marine animals that are smaller than themselves, which are found in the same water with them; anything that is digestible is greedily taken by this voracious fish. So greedy are they that they have been caught with their stomachs filled to the greatest possible extent, having fish in their mouths which they have been unable to swallow for want of room; and in this condition they were still biting at the hook. Is it any wonder that they rapidly grow to an enormous size, frequently over one hundred pounds?

In fishing for cod nothing is needed but stout lines and heavy sinkers, and special cod hooks.